Who Regulates our Food

In Europe, it’s EFSA, The European Food Safety Authority ( Their tag line is “Comitted to ensuring that Europe’s food is safe” and they mean it.

In the US, it’s FDA, The Food and Drug Administration (

Interestingly, the FDA’s tag line is “Protecting and Promoting your Health”. Unfortunately, nothing could be farther from the truth. The tag line should read “Protecting agribusiness and food manufacturers to the detriment of the consumer.”

I double dog dare you to go look at both web sites and then try to disagree with me. (The FDA web site is nearly impenetrable whereas you can actually read and understand what’s posted at EFSA.)

I could give 100’s of examples, but here’s one: Colony Bee Colapse

The FDA allows unrestricted use of systemic Neonicotinoid pecticides, whereas EFSA does not. Quoting in part from (

“Initially neonicotinoids were considered to have low-toxicity to many beneficial insects, including bees; however recently this claim has come into question. More recent research suggests a potential toxicity to bees and other beneficial insects through low level contamination of nectar and pollen with neonicotinoid insecticides used in agriculture. Although these low level exposures do not normally kill bees directly, they may impact some bees’ ability to forage for nectar, learn and remember where flowers are located, and possibly impair their ability to find their way home to the nest or hive.[30] Several recent studies suggest a relationship to what has become generally known as colony collapse disorder (CCD) which has devastated honey bee populations world-wide since about 2006.[31][32] A 2012 study suggested that neonicotinoids may be responsible for detrimental effects of pesticides on the bumble bee colony growth and queen production which may be related to a world-wide reduction in the number of wild bees.[33]”


Recommendation: Completely overhaul the FDA and add proper protections for the consumer. The EFSA has sunlight, the FDA does not. Stop funding the FDA from industry.



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